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2023-2024 COVID Policy

updated 10/25/2022

Please note: MBA Protocols have been adjusted to remain consistent with current protocols for Mahtomedi High School indoor sports.

  1. Players and coaches are asked to stay home from basketball if they are sick with something contagious. 
  2. If a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19
    • they are not allowed to attend MBA activities, practices, or games for at least 5 days
    • if they are not feeling better after 5 days, they should not attend until they are feeling better
    • Players/coaches who are feeling better (on or after Day 5) and return to basketball before Day 10 are encouraged to wear a properly fitting mask through Day 10
  3. MBA will not be doing contact tracing or providing notifications to teammates of a positive case.  MBA WILL notify the head coach of the player or coach's team so that that head coach is aware of when the individual is allowed to return to MBA
  4. If your child will miss basketball practices or games for any reason, please notify their head coach with as much notice as possible
  5. Please email Todd Feustel at if your child tests positive for COVID-19. We will manually track cases this year.


FAQ documents were prepared for our traveling program and in-house program to address common questions that were asked in the end-of season parent surveys.


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