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Traveling Program (Grades 4 - 8)

The Traveling Program is the most competitive MBA program.  There are girls' and boys' teams at five levels: 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.  Teams will participate in weekend tournaments throughout the metro area.  Not all players who sign up will make a team.  Traveling teams are designed to challenge the individual players who want to compete at the highest competitive level.  This program helps players develop basketball skills as well as provide an opportunity to implement those skills at a level that is comparable with that player's skill level.  Traveling basketball can be highly competitive with a significant time commitment.  Some of the key traveling program features include:

  • 1 or more teams at each grade level
  • Roster size may vary based on skill level
  • 10 weekend tournaments plus one State Tournament (with team option to add additional tournaments or replace tournaments with "Super Saver" one day tournaments)
  • May be fewer tournaments for 4th grade level
  • 2 weekly practices from early November thru late February/early March
  • Games throughout the metro area plus one overnight out-state tournament
  • Mandatory player evaluations (mid September)

In House Program (Grades 3 - 8)

The In House Program has multiple girls and boys teams at grade levels 3 - 8.  All players who sign up prior to the registration deadline will be placed on a team. These teams practice one night a week and compete approximately on ten Saturdays. 

Youth Program (K-2nd Grade)

The Youth Program is a wonderful introduction to the sport of basketball! We have two programs based on age:

  • Kindergarten program for one hour on Saturday afternoons
  • Combined first/second grade program for one hour and fifteen minutes on Friday evenings


Sessions take place during January, February and possibly early March.


The mission of the Youth Program is to develop and delivery a quality program where kids have fun through sport participation; develop positive self-character and respect, start to learn the skills and rules of basketball; learn the value of sportsmanship and teamwork; and develop friendships.

High School Recreational Program


The MBA offers a recreational option for High School students Grades 9-12 that are not participating on a High School Team.  This program provides an option for high school students who want to continue playing at a recreational level.