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Registration for the 2022-2023 Season is Open!

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Traveling registration will close on September 11

  • Traveling program runs late October - late February for grades 4-8. Teams will have two 90-minute practices per week and ten traveling tournaments. 

In-house registration will close on September 11

  • In-house program runs late October - late February for  Grades 3-8. Teams will have one 90-minute practices per week and games on Saturdays. 

Youth registration will close on November 27

  • Youth program runs January through February. Grades 1 and 2 are typically Friday evenings for approximately eight sessions. Kindergarten program runs on Saturday afternoons for approximately six sessions. Both programs typically require about one hour per week.

Mahtomedi Basketball Association Boys and Girls 2022 Tournaments

MBA Girls Tournament
December 3-4, 2022

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MBA Boys Tournament
December 10-12, 2022
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5k and 10k Shot Club

Zephyr Shot Club returns, with an additional LEVEL for our players to achieve. 

Download the 2022 MBA 5K-10K Shot Tracker Document
Excel version  |  Google Sheets version  |  PDF version


  • Open to MBA players who will complete/completed grades 3-7 in June 2022
  • Make shots from May 3 - September 10
  • Track how many shots you MAKE during this timeframe, with the goal of having even more of our players join the club in 2022
  • Rewards for achieving 5,000 and 10,000 MADE SHOTS this year, below
2022-2023 5000 MADE Shots 10,000 MADE Shots
Traveling Players 5k shot club patch on shooting shirt 10k shot club patch on shooting shirt &MBA Shot Club Hoodie
In-House Players 5k shot club t-shirt MBA Shot Club Hoodie


  • Shots should be “game type” or “game speed” shots - take shots off the dribble, ball/pump fake - and really focus on using good form
  • ~10% of shots should be free throws
  • <25% should be layups (for younger players a higher percentage of shots made can and should be layups)
  • Warm up with some ball handling and form shooting
  • We will post some sample workouts and shooting drills to give you some ideas. 
  • SHOT TRACKER form MUST be filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and turned in by September 12th to be eligible

HAVE FUN with this over the summer!  Challenge your teammates and encourage all of them to participate!


  • We are excited to offer Open Gym for Summer 2022 to MBA players who COMPLETED 3rd Grade – 8th Grade (must have played In House or Traveling for this past season)
  • Click here to view the Open Gym Schedule
  • Note – there is a specific time slot for each age group and gender to attend
  • Open gym sessions will be for players only (no parents or coaches will be allowed in the gym); players are encouraged to work on shooting, ball handling, and to play self-organized games of basketball
  • There will be a gym monitor for each session
  • If there are any behavior issues – players involved will NOT be allowed to attend future Open Gym sessions


  • Summer training registration is now OPEN!  Training sessions start June 20th!  Click here to register
  • Sessions have a max of 6 players – and should be registered based on COMPLETED grade (grade the player completed in June 2022)
  • Kindergarten sessions will be co-ed, and some sessions combine up to 2 grade levels (1st/2nd Girls, 1st/2nd Boys, 6th/7th Girls)
  • Training sessions are individual sessions – and players can register for as many as they would like
  • Cost:  $15 per session
  • Trainer bios can be found below
  • We have some capacity to add additional sessions if the demand is higher than what is available – we will communicate via email and on the website.


FAQ documents were prepared for our traveling program and in-house program to address common questions that were asked in the end-of season parent surveys.



2021-2022 in Pictures

It was great to see our teams in action during the 2021-2022 season and we're so proud of all their success!

Send your 2021-2022 MBA team pictures to be posted on the website

Contact Mahtomedi Basketball Association

Click the above link if you have questions to contact one of the board members and we will get back to you shortly